Canon MK3000 Cabel ID Printer

原價 $10,500.00
Printing Technology: Thermal Transfer
DPI : 30020mm/sec
Compaitble Label : PVC Tube / Heat Shrink Tube / 4mm ID Plate
Language Printing : English and Number

The Canon MK3000 is designed for portability with fast print speeds and PC connectivity. It uses thermal transfer technology and has a resolution of 300 dpi. The printer can be connected to a PC, improving productivity and workflow by managing large amounts of data. It’s compatible with external rechargeable batteries, making it suitable for use in the office or at work sites.

• Fast print speeds of up to 25 mm/sec.
• Supports various media and sizes.
• Features a highly tactile keyboard for comfort.
• Dual power supply options for flexibility.
• Can be connected to a PC.
• Supports distributed printing to multiple printers from a single PC.
• Equipped with an automatic full/half-cut feature with depth control.
• Backlit LCD display for easy viewing.
• Compatible with external rechargeable batteries.
• Suitable for use in the office or at work sites.
• Reliable and efficient tool for printing on label and tube sleeves

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